Consul General Pan Xinchun Visits Dollar Academy

On 8 September, Consul General Pan Xinchun paid a visit to Dollar Academy where he delivered a speech to the teachers and students and had a cordial meeting with Rector David Knapman.


In his speech, Consul General Pan introduced the recent achievements in Chinese science and technologies and their impact on Chinese lifestyle by giving vivid examples of " high-speed railways, online shopping, dockless shared bicycles and electronic payments". He said, while China strives to promote its development, it also acts responsibly as a big country to enhance the peace and development of the world, with China-Scotland relations a good example. Despite a great distance, the exchange and cooperation between China and Scotland go back a long way.  Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the UK, especially the establishment of the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh in 1997, the relationship between China and Scotland has developed on a fast-track the deepening of practical cooperation across fields of high level exchanges, trade and investment, culture and education, etc. He encouraged students to study hard and gain more knowledge about China so as to build a bridge of friendship and cooperation between China and Scotland.


Consul General Pan also answered questions from the students related to issues of Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, South China Sea, Chinese political system and Hong Kong election.  

Mr. David Knapman extended his thanks to Consul General Pan for his informative speech, saying it will help widen the students' vision and increase their knowledge about China. During the meeting with Consul General Pan, Mr. David said  Dollar Academy attaches importance to exchanges with China. The school not only has Chinese students, but also chooses Mandarin as one of the major language courses.  

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