Consul General Pan Xinchun Installed As Honorary Member By Lord Provost of Edinburgh

On 17th Jan, Chinese Consul General Pan Xinchun has been installed an Honorary Membership of The Association of Assistants of The Royal Company of Merchants of The City of Edinburgh by Lord Provost Frank Ross, in recognition of Consul General’s outstanding contributions to the development of ties between Edinburgh and China, with representatives from all walks of life in the City and Chinese Community witnessing this historic moment.

Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1681, The Merchant Company plays an important role in developing the city’s economy and society through many charitable works, becoming a prominent charity with over 500 members, its Honorary Members include Her Majesty The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Sir Winston Churchill and Andrew Carnegie, and Consul General Pan is the very first Chinese to join this highly distinguished group .

Consul General Pan said that the honor is not only a recognition of his work, but also represents the growing friendship and cooperation between China and Edinburgh over the years. Since holding his position in 2014, he has experienced and witnessed the rapid development of the ties such as the direct flight between Beijing and Edinburgh, the establishment of incubation centers in Shenzhen and Edinburgh, the grand Chinese New Year celebrations, the increasing Chinese presence in Edinburgh Cultural Festivals, the rapid growth of the Confucius Institute, SCEN and SWIRE, the first Confucius Hub on science in Edinburgh Zoo and the new China Ting in the Royal Botanic Garden, which have benefited the city and her people.

Consul General thanked Lord Provost and people from all walks of life in Edinburgh for their valuable contributions to the improvement of friendship and collaboration between China and Edinburgh, and is looking forward to building on the success to push the relationship to a new high.

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