China Makes Remarkable Achievements in Combating Terrorism and Sale of Organs

An article published by the newspaper on 19 March 2019, criticizing the Vocational Education and Training Centers in Xinjiang China and so-called "forced organ harvesting", disregards facts, a shocking fabrication. The Consulate General hereby issues a statement to ensure a correct understanding of the facts.

Since the 1990s, thousands of violent terrorist attacks have occurred in Xinjiang, causing the injuries and deaths of large number of innocent people as well as incalculable property damage. To safeguard economic development and social stability in Xinjiang, Chinese government has taken strong and effective measures in accordance with law to combat terrorist activities. Terrorism and extremism are common enemies of human society. Responding to anti-terrorist resolutions by the U.N., China actively learns and draws anti-terrorist experiences from international communities. The establishment of the Vocational Education and Training Centers is one of China's determined measures to prevent and fight terrorism. Training courses are set by the centers with main contents of the national common language and writing, legal knowledge, vocational skills and eradicating extremism, while fully respecting the freedom of religious belief as well as the customs and habits of trainees. Through vocational education and training, the ability of the trainees to use the national common language and writing as well as their awareness of the rule of law have been enhanced. Meanwhile, the vocational skills of the trainees have also been improved.

Sale of human's organs in China is a serious type of criminal offense. The only legal source of human's organs is from voluntary donation by the citizens. Moreover, China also proposed the World Health Assembly to establish a special committee of organ donation and transplantation led by WHO, supervising member states in connection to organ transplantation and assisting them in fighting sale of organs. The proposal received positive responses from many member states.

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